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The Canton Redange is an intercommunal syndicate founded by single communities to realize together financially major projects. Situated in an agricultural environment, the Canton Redange comprises 10 communities (main village: Redange or Réiden/Attert) and has about 14.500 inhabitants on an area of 268 km²

Previous activities on sustainable development

For many years the Canton Redange has already initiated several activities concerning the reduction of CO2 emissions and the sustainable use of energy. In this field it has a leading role among the other 11 cantons of Luxemburg.

The starting point was a campaign for public transport to lower the number of private cars in 1995. Right after, the field of energy became of big concern for the canton. The Energipark Réiden was founded, whose concept was innovative in Luxembourg's energy development. In 1998 the information and consulting office “Réidener Energiatelier” was set up to carry on the energy saving campaign. Besides this campaign, which raises the common awareness in the whole canton for energy topics, there are very innovative initiatives organised in the different communities of the canton.

The community of Beckerich is member in the Climate Alliance since 1994. Beckerich has a very innovative Agenda 21 conception which is well known also in the neighbouring countries. In Beckerich citizen own shares of photovoltaic plants and a cooperative biogas plant produces electricity for 1.285 households and heat for private households and local companies. In addition, a wind park has been planned by the Energipark.

In the community of Redange/ Attert, a partner in the before-mentioned LSDN project, one of the projects upon which the consortium can build in SEMS, a milestone of the usage of renewable energies was implemented: the at-the-time biggest biogas plant of Europe, operated by a co-operation society of 28 farmers. It produces heating for the swimming hall and lyceum other 28 companies and electricity for about 2.500-2.600 households. In addition Redange took part in the EU- Altener project “Sustainable Energies” and Sollet project.

In Préizerdaul two wind energy plants have been installed and put into operation in February 2003. A small hydropower station supplies the sports hall and the cultural centre with electricity. A district heating grid with wood chip combustion plant and solar thermal system serves the communal buildings and some private households. Préizerdaul is one of the first communities which is supplied at 100% by green electricity for its communal. In addition, 30 kWp joint PV power plants are planned by the Energipark.
In the other communities of the canton a number of smaller projects have been set up.

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