Welcome to SEMS – Sustainable Energy Management Systems

SEMS is funded/supported by the EU’s 6th Framework Research Programme and the CONCERTO initiative. The aim of the project is to turn 4 core communities into CONCERTO communities  and to prepare this process for three further associated communities.

The intention of SEMS is to promote sustainable and capable energy saving and optimizing projects. The long term overall objective of the communities taking part is the self-supply of energy from renewable sources.
A mix of different energy efficiency and renewable energy sources demonstrations, including refurbishment of old buildings, eco-buildings and polygeneration, all underpinned with complete business plans, will allow to avoid about 300 GWh/yr end energy from fossil sources, thus avoiding 94.000 tons CO2/yr, and saving 22.9 mio Euro/yr of disbursements for extra-communal electricity and heat deliveries.
Among the 24 consortium partners there are seven communal administration bodies, six small and medium sized companies (SME), five research and education institutions, three energy utilities as well as three agricultural companies and schools.
The resources, including the requested EC contribution are very efficiently used: With 6.48 mio Euro EC contribution, innovative activities and investments worth 41 Mio. Euro, will be realised. The total spin-off investments will be even
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