About the Project

The proceeding within SEMS is divided into three parts:

  1. Implementation of energy efficiency measures (heat and electricity) by insulation of buildings and reduction of electricity consumption
  2. integration of renewable energies, for example the use of solar and wind power, geothermal energy or energy from biomass
  3. application and implementation of intelligent systems to optimize the management of a decentral energy production between cooperating partners:
  • Decentralised Energy Management System (DEMS), which allows local and inter-communal operation, monitoring and control of energy consumption, storage and generation units and grids,
  • the energy management system EnerMAS, to involve local SME, maximising energy efficiency and institutionalising the local processes and
  • a material flow management (MFM) to take indirect energy flows into account
    The project also includes monitoring, socio-economic research, innovation, training and targeted dissemination
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