CONCERTO Community Redange

Planned development within this project (2007-2011)

The activities which have been implemented until now have paved the way towards a substantially sustainable energy supply in the Canton Redange. This process will get a strong push within the project SEMS by making the step from pilot projects to real large-scale integration of the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency what is leading to a sensible regional added value.
At the end of the project many initiatives will be standardised and spread widely throughout and outside the canton. As the canton holds the leadership among the other 11 Luxembourg cantons in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, the well operated integration of the new energy strategies is of big importance to promote results of the project in other cantons.
Besides standardisation some new topics are integrated in the renewable energy sources and energy efficiency strategy like wood and building: rehabilitation measures (e.g. financing schemes) for old buildings will be focussed on intensively for the first time in SEMS, so this will bring significant increase of know-how for the canton at the end of the project.
This project will also serve as an opportunity to identify target groups and to raise awareness by individually addressed end-users, with specific focus on the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Mid-term perspective (2016)

In general the gained experience and significant increase of results in the fields of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency will economically strengthen the canton and bring a competitive advantage in the energy sector. The profit of that will be reinvested in further innovative installations within canton. In the years after SEMS, the same project strategy will be applied to 2 other cantons in Luxembourg which will profit from the know-how achieved in the Canton Redange.
The best practise example of a public building and well prepared energetic, technical and finan-cial information are expected to initiate the rehabilitation of further 350 buildings in the next years following SEMS in the Canton Redange and beyond.
District heating will be an alternatively available and standardised heating form, so this will be integrated in municipal planning. By taking part in SEMS the Canton Redange will use the chance to focus on building up a sustainable energy supply for the whole canton. During project duration of five years the canton will be able to make a major step forward to a 100% renewable energy supply. The SEMS-project will have a continuous effect on the awareness of the inhabi-tants and make sure, that especially energy saving methods will be under progress. The overall aim of the Canton Redange, the quantitative energy self supply, will be reached by 2014.
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