CONCERTO Community Slubice

In Slubice the CONCERTO project will develop a biomass master plan. Taking into consideratrion the functioning of the District Heating Company which is planning modernization of the town heating plant and changing the coal burning heating system into biomass system.
This will involve the completion of a study on the area’s biomass potential, and work will be done to create local markets for wood, energy corn, grass, biogas, short rotation willow plantations and straw.
Slubice together with Polish partners will then show the benefits of biomass by constructing a 200KW woodchip burning heating system in a public use building in the town. This will serve as a demonstration and springboard for other activities. Retrofitting of the public building will be integrated into the demonstration activity, with insulation and glazing to bring it up to European Union standards.
Energy saving will be further demonstrated through the heating plant modernization by the District Heating Ltd Company  (ZEC) – the project partner. ZEC will modernize culm burning boilers and change the heating system into biomass burning system together with pure electric energy production.
The additional saving will be gained through selection of a number of other buildings for retrofitting. This work will include at least 20 apartment dwellings, commercial buildings and public offices.
The general aim will be to reduce energy demand in public buildings by 30 percent, and to reduce Slubice’s energy requirement overall by 10 percent. The combined actions will mean less pressure on the district heating grid.
In the Slubice community the solar thermal installation will be combined with another wood-burner in a chosen building, thus meeting that building’s needs entirely through renewable energy. Meanwhile, the wind energy development will be substantial: ten 1.3MW turbines will be erected, with local technicians also trained to operate and maintain them. The supply of power from the turbines will be linked to Slubice through an energy management system.
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