CONCERTO Programme


The CONCERTO initiative has been launched by the European Commission. CONCERTO is part of the framework research programme supervised by the DG Energy and Transport of the European Commission. It is a Europe wide initiative, which proactively addresses the challenges of creating a more sustainable future for Europe’s energy needs. Today, there are a total of 45 communities in 18 projects, each working to deliver the highest possible level of self-supply of energy.

CONCERTO in a nutshell

CONCERTO supports local communities, as clearly defined geographical areas or zones, in developing and demonstrating concrete strategies and actions that are both sustainable and highly energy efficient. Interactions and relevant energy flows between centralised and decentralised energy supplies and demands can be identified, measured and assessed.


The main impulse for this European initiative is the strong desire in all communities, among politicians, planners, energy service providers, and citizens to develop and demonstrate high degrees of decentralised energy supply, integrated with renewable energy sources (RES) as well as the conscientious application of leading energy efficiency (EE) measures in various end use sectors. In this respect, CONCERTO involves the promotion of energy efficient techniques in connection with the promotion of renewable energy sources in the European Union.
For more information see the CONCERTO Website
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