Subproject 2 to 5: Demonstration Activities

The four core communities will share plans, tools, best-practice and experience amongst each other, thus allowing for reducing transaction costs of the introduction of an ambitious sustainable energy system in the communities. The connection of the four communities is realised physically through the energy management system DEMS which will be set up both locally in the communities Weilerbach, Tulln and Redange, and centrally at the premises of IZES in Saarbrücken (Germany). The community Slubice will be served by the central DEMS unit.
The approaches of the four core communities in the field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources demonstration have furthermore the following elements in common:
  • A local project manager
  • A local energy saving manager
  • A mix of different Renewable Energy Sources technologies, with a focus on various kinds of biomass technologies
  • New housing development and retrofitting of existing houses to the eco-building standard (passive and active/ plus-energy houses)
  • Examples for polygeneration
  • The use of innovative financing schemes

Within the following figures the demonstration activities in the four core communities are listed


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