Subproject 7: Overall Project Management

Concerning only associated communities

The associated communities will send delegates to observer board meetings. The latter will be assisted by the 4 core partners and will handle all issues that are specific for the associated communities.

At local level

A lot of coordination and project management takes place at local level. This work is generally not relevant for the project as a whole and so closely linked with the demonstration activities in subprojects 2 to 5.

Relation between management tasks and management structure

As described in more detail below, a number of committees will be established within this project in order to ensure proper overall project management and implementation. These structures relate to the tasks of SP7 and to other SP/WP as follows:
  • Central Steering Committee (CSC)
  • Technical Council (TC)
  • Education, qualification and communication council (EQCC)
  • Local Steering Committees (LSC)
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