Subproject 8: Dissemination Activities

Observer integration

The three associated communities will be the first target group of dissemination of the results of this project and be included entirely into the internal exchange of plans, tools, best practice and results from demonstration. They will not simply be receivers of know-how, but will also bring specific own competences and experience.

Internal dissemination activities

Internal dissemination activities address the citizens of, partners from and relevant actors in the participating four core communities. They are an integral part of the efforts dedicated at raising the awareness, readiness and engagement of everyone in the 4 core communities with regard to the ambitious Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources targets.

External dissemination activities

The European Commission desires to widely disseminate the results of the CONCERTO projects. This is intended to be done by an external agency. The budget foreseen within SEMS for external dissemination activities covers the contribution of the SEMS consortium to these delegated and bundled dissemination activity which is to be defined in more detail by the European Commission.
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