CONCERTO Community Redange

Energipark is in charge of all technical aspects and responsible for the EE campaign and the energy saving internet campaign.
Energipark will investigate administrative buildings and make a plan for a more efficient use of energy and will prepare and realize the rehabilitation measures. A contracting scheme for heating and wash water will be offered. Energipark will design the technical system and help to find interested house owners. They will sell, install and maintain the systems. Energipark will install, own and operate the pellet ovens / solar collectors.
Energiatelier is in charge of the educational part, information and training.
Energiatelier will install, own and operate the local DEMS unit commitment and stays in contact with the simultaneous central DEMS of all three local DEMS at IZES.
L.E.E. is in charge of implementation and business devlopment. L.E.E will seize the utilization of energy and will create a guideline for the agricultural sector.
L.E.E. is responsible for biogaspotential study and construction of  the plants.
CRP Henri Tudor is in charge of the analysis of the energy utilization in the industrial sector and creation of a guideline for a rational use of energy.
The guideline will contain practical measures to save energy. As far as possible, economical impacts of these measures will be included.”
CRP HeSavenri Tudor will roughly analyze the type of companies in the community of Redange and create a guideline for a rational use of energy.
IfaS and CRP Henri Tudor will develop a master plan for a regional supply chain including wood chip production. They will also check the possibilities for small scaled combined heat and power generation based on wood.
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