Energipark Réiden S.A.

The company Energipark Réiden s.a. was founded in 1999 and is situated in Beckerich (LUX). The objectives of the company are the commercial usage of renewable energies as well as all possibilities of the rational energy usage.
Energipark Réiden S.A. is running a wind park with two wind power plants in Reimberg in the community Préizerdaul with 2 x 600 kW power and an annual production of 1.855.886 kWh and a 14,6 kWp PV power plant in Noerdange with an annual production of 12.600 kWh.
Furthermore the company is promoting collective photovoltaic plants by planning, selling and operating the plants as well as offering suitable roof areas.
For private households the Energipark Réiden S.A. is providing energy consulting services in 30 communities outside the canton Redange.
In 2006 Energipark Réiden s.a. founded a new company Eida s.a. to sell green electricity in Luxembourg. The first customers were supplied in November 2006.

Team working in SEMS

Paul Kauten
Tel.: 00352 26 62 07 72 41
Fax: 00352 26 62 07 74
E-mail: paul.kauten(at)energiepark.lu


13, Dikrecherstrooss
L-8523  Beckerich
Energipark Réiden s.a.
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