Gemeindeverband für Abfallbeseitigung in der Region Tulln

The Gemeindeverband für Abfallbeseitigung (local authorities association for waste disposal) within the region of Tulln comprehends 25 municipalities with about 25.000 inhabitants and an area of 755 km².
The tasks and targets of the GVA Tulln include the implementation of Austrian law concerning waste management; the prevention, recycling and disposal of waste as well as the communal waste collection.
Furthermore the GVA Tulln also provides the following public relations and innovative services:
  • Umweltinfo (Newsletter for Environmental Information)
  • Press Releases
  • Information Evenings
  • Leaflets on Different Topics
  • Competitions
  • Excursions
  • Geschirrmobil (Dishwasher Mobil)
  • agricultural composting
  • Construction Remains Treatment
  • EMAS-Certification
  • EU-Projects
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