Plattform Erneuerbare Energy Tullnerfeld

The association “Plattform – Erneuerbare Energie Tullnerfeld” is situated within the professional school for Agriculture in Tulln with activities focused on the Austrian federal territory.
The association coordinates and represents common interests of operators of biomass plants and all kinds of alternative plants for direct and indirect use of solar, wind and geothermal energy as well as biogas and the bioenergetic recovery/recycling.
Furthermore the association provides exchange of experiences, training courses and support for all questions concerning the planning, implementation and operation of biomass plants and all kinds of the direct and indirect usage of renewable energies, especially concerning the usage of wheat to generate electricity and heat. The PEET also coordinates research and development tasks within this field.
PEET has the goal to use regional Renewable Energy Sources (RES) for the regional energy needs of agriculture, but also for private homes or the industry. Therefore PEET fosters all ideas and developments to strengthen the regional energy supply from known sources, but also tries to make new kinds of supply possibilities economically feasible.
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