Gornji Grad

Picture of Gornji Grad in Summer TimeThe Community of Gornji Grad consists of the village Gornji Grad and six further villages within the area of 90 km². It has got 2700 inhabitants and is situated within the Alpine region Untersteiermark in Slovenia. The Community endeavours to be included in various European projects to monitor and gain additional experiences within the field of energy efficiency and renewables. The central heating station represented by two highly effective boilers, each with 2 MW is the core part of the district heating system in Gornji Grad which covers the energy demand of 220 households. In addition, the representation of KWB company is located in town with the exhibition of small boilers. Nearby a biomass plant is located with 150 kW running with wood biomass.


Mr. Stanko Ogradi – Mayor of Gornji Grad Community
As a major of Gornji Grad Mr. Stanko Ogradi is strongly commited to upgrade and improve the overall energy situation, the quality of life and living standard of the people within the community. Such accomplishment can not be achieved without careful examination of the energy activities implemented in other European communities. Sharing information, exchanging of the examples of best practice are a prerequisite for a succesful future implementation of the additional energy efficiency measures and renewables within the community. Having observer status Mr. Ogradi is therefore pleased to participate in the »Concerto – SEMS« initiative.

Mr. Stanko Ogradi
Attemsov trg 3
3342 Gornji Grad
Phone: 00 386 3 839 18 52

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