Institut für ZukunftsEnergySysteme gGmbH Saarbruecken, Germany

The IZES “Institut für ZukunftsEnergieSysteme gGmbH” is connected to the Saarland University of Applied Science (HTW: Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes).
Its activities focus on tomorrow’s power supply and energy usage with a special interest for the implied technical and economic challenges.
Within the technical research and regulatory framework the focus is set on applied research and development in the fields of renewable energies, efficient energy use, systems engineering as well as new services in the energy market.
One of the core competences is the development and the analysis of future energy systems, especially for the building sector and industrial production processes. Thereby the interaction of energy technologies, energy markets and actors as well as the conception of market oriented services are taken into account. Our activities range from component improvement, optimized system-solutions to the design of marketable products.
A further focus of the research activities of IZES is the elaboration of a conceptual basis for a sustainable energy industry. This includes studies on economical guiding instruments as well as analysis of the framework conditions of liberalized energy markets on national and international level. Our range of clients covers the European Commission, who is preparing the basis for the harmonising of future framework conditions for decentralized energy systems, the German federal ministries, for which legal basics are elaborated, up to the government of Saarland and fur-ther actors, who detected a sustainable biomass usage as a part of an integrated material flow management and a relevant future resource in the region.

Team working in SEMS

Picture of Frank Baur
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Frank Baur
Head of Department „Biomass and Material Flow Management” at IZES
Lecturer for Waste Management and Material Flow Management at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) at Saarbrucken
Tel:  +49 681 9762 -859
Fax:  +49 681 9762 -175
Picture of Barbara Dröschel
Barbara Dröschel M.A.
SEMS: Financial Project Management
Scientific Employee and Project Manager at IZES
Tel:  +49 681 9762 -852
Fax:  +49 681 9762 -850

Picture of Michael Porzig
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Porzig
SEMS: Overall Project Management
Scientific employee at Department “Biomass and Material Flow Management” at IZES
Tel:  +49 681 9762 -166
Fax:  +49 681 9762 -175

Picture of Uli Bruch
Dipl.-Inf. Uli Bruch
SEMS: Technical Project Management
Scientific employee for IT projects at IZES
Tel:  +49 681 9762 -841
Fax:  +49 681 9762 -850

Picture of Florian Noll
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Florian Noll
SEMS: Technical Project Management
Project engineer at the department “Biomass and Material Flow Management” at IZES
Tel:  +49 681 9762 -848
Fax:  +49 681 9762 -175

Altenkesseler Str. 17, Geb. A1
D-66115 Saarbrücken
Phone +49 681 9762-840, -170
Fax +49 681 9762-850

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