Report on DEMS:—forschungsberichte/studien—forschungsberichte.html (DE)

SEMS Homepage: short information

SEMS Summer Schools – information

DVD with informations – presentation

Participation in fairs – guideline (DE)

Participation in supra regional events – results

Brochure on SEMS topics: DEFRPL

Reports on energy situation in the observer community Elektrenai:
Energy resource use and potentials EE and RES – raport
SEMS master plan for large scale RES – report
Press conference – information

Process monitoring report (in German; 211 pages, incl. 10 pages English summary and 21 pages Annex)
This report presents the results of the process monitoring in the SEMS core communities Weilerbach, Redingen, Tulln and Slubice during the SEMS project and analyses them in the light of a reference model for sustainable energy communities. Lessons for sustainable energy communities and for public promotion programmes for such communities are drawn. >> download here (15MByte!)
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