Rolnicza Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna – RSP [engl. Agricultural Productive Collective] „Nowa Wieś” [engl. „New village”] was funded in 1961. Initially the collective had 100 ha agricultural area. Within 20 years the area grown to 700 ha. Today the collective handle with 1600 ha for corn as well as with 600 cattle and 2500 pigs. One branch of the collective is a slaughterhouse and milk processing plant. At the present Rolnicza Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna is one of the biggest manufacturing company in the Słubice region. Main activities are production, processing and sale in own distribution shops of crops and meat. Besides this activity the collective offers different services e.g. transport services or rent of facilities.
The collective invest in new technologies and one of the last investment is a strew oven for heating.

Bogusław Pietrow
(Executive director)

ul. Słoneczna 2
69-100 Słubice – Golice
Fax: 095 759 31 96

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